This section describes how to create a Web Carol App from Carol's template.

To start the process to create a Carol App, you need to run the following command:

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Web Carol App

After selecting to create a Web Carol App, the following question may appear in case this is not your first time running this process:


You can press enter, sending yes, for this process to download the files again to make sure you are running the most updated template.

After that, the process will ask you the following questions:

user_full_name [TotvsLabs User]: Robson Poffo
user_email [[email protected]]: [email protected]
github_username [totvslabs]:
project_name [Carol App Boilerplate]: First Web App
project_slug [first_web_app]:
project_short_description [Carol App Web Boilerplate contains all the boilerplate you need to create a Carol App.]: This is the description related to my project. Used inside the manifest file.
carol_app_organization [my_organization]: poffo
carol_app_tenant [my_tenant]: poffo
version [0.1.0]:
First Web App created successfully.

✔  Your new Carol App was successfull created. Check Carol App documentation to learn more.

This is the brief description for each parameter requested:

user_full_nameThe user creating this application. This information is used for internal purposes.
user_emailThe user creating this application. This information is used for internal purposes.
github_usernameThe user creating this application. This information is used for internal purposes.
project_nameThe project name is used to identify the project and update the file.
project_slugSlug project is used to create the folder of your project.
project_short_descriptionIt is used to update the file.
carol_app_organizationCarol's organization where this project will be deployed.
carol_app_tenantCarol's tenant where this project will be deployed.
versionIt is used for internal reference for this application and to update the file.

Once you finished the process, you will see the following success message:


This message means everything is fine. You can enter the new folder created (slug) and we can start exploring the available "make" options.

The following commands are available when we run the command "make".

first_web_app Makefile help.

build                          Build Carol Web App
clean                          Clean this project
datamodels                     Updates all data models from your Carol Tenant (requires Carol User and Password)
help                           Show this help message
install                        Install all project dependencies
lint                           Check the project source code for good practicies
run                            Starts a dev webserver at http://localhost:3000/
test                           Test current project. Runs all unit and end to end tests

Building the Angular dist

The command make install installs the Angular CLI and all dependencies described on package.json.

After that, you can run the command make build, this command runs the ng build --prod to generate the dist folder.

Deploy the Web Carol app In Carol

After that, in Carol:

  • Upload the Web Zip File:


  • Access the URL.